Sahil Gupta is a Publishing Consultant, specializing in digital rights and ebook sales. He advises publishers on all aspects of digital publishing through his consultancy business.

He is an experienced negotiator, with expertise in digital contracts for both selling and acquiring ebooks and other digital products. His expertise includes copyright law and publishing rights, including complete understanding of digital technologies & publishing.

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  • Awarded Excellence in Book Production Award under various categories for books published by Sahil Gupta as director V&S Publishers across genres like children books, Health etc.
  • Member of Federation Of Indian Publishers & CAPEXIL
  • A regular at TV interviews on publishing
  • Member of Indian Reprographic Rights Organization


For the publishing industry, being digital’ is no longer an add‐on to the physical publishing business. It is increasingly the full-fledged core business in itself. Over the next ten years, the entire environment in which content is used will change and we are here to guide and help.


We can provide any and all of the elements either individually or as a complete single service. However, for authors who would like an end-to-end service, managed by our team, we have put together different publishing packages.

Technology Providers

We can help publishers get in touch with the technology and vice verse for original content, print on demand, marketing software, email marketing, social media marketing etc.

Service Providers

There is acute shortage of specialist service providers. These services come at a price. However we can offer services critical areas and connect service provide to publishers client and vice versa., with its digital publishing consultancy knowledge, intents to help publishing companies to adopt highly competitive and flexible publishing operating models, and drive publishing cost reduction in order to grow their businesses. works with a number of retail and distribution partners in India and abroad, guiding and enabling publishers from planning and budgeting, to finished products, including apps, IT infrastructure, and for sale of print and ebooks. This consultancy firm is managed by Sahil Gupta, who is concurrently the director of V&S Publishers. He belongs to a family that has seven decades of book trade experience. In the recently concluded 21st Delhi Book Fair held at Pagati Maidan, Delhi from 29th August to 6th September 2015, V&S Publishers bagged two awards in Book Production category.

Kya Aap Janate Hain (Hindi) was awarded First Prize in General Books (Paperbacks) (Black & White).

Homeopathic Chikitsa (Hindi) got Second Prize in Hindi Section in Scientific /Technical /Medical Books.


We are a non-profit organization with an aim to provide help to those who are associated with publishing both print as well as digital. We offer direct services as well as connect with the specific technical/service providers should there be a need.