On the basis of turnkey, we help in implementing your project right from stage of conceptualization to final execution. In case of specific requirements the assignments could be undertaken on the basis of fixed time duration such as 6 month/12 months and so on… The same could be held via phone calls, personal meetings, video conferencing etc.
We can undertake specific segments of publishing such as sales, marketing, editorial, designing etc. Our invilvement would depend upon the need and depth of the project undertaken.This further could be discussed over the phone calls, emails,, one to one meet either at our or your end.
Per hour
Fee for discussion of the project could be sent to hourly basis depending upon the context and the requirement.
Dead Lock
In case you run into deadlock with aservice provider, we can intervene and intercede on your behalf to square off the matter.
Infrastructure Upgrade
In case you are in need of uplifting the technology base of your project, we can help you with resources in order to improve your IT infrastructure and other technical skills.
Digital Transaition
You can seek our services in areas like navigating the digital age, compelling content, content usage rights, digital rights management, emerging business models, mobile environment and business analytics.