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Biden denies intimate attack allegation: ‘This never ever occurred’

Biden denies intimate attack allegation: ‘This never ever occurred’

(CNN) — Joe Biden circulated a statement Friday denying an livejasmin aide that is former claims he sexually assaulted her 27 years back, saying of Tara Reade’s allegation: “This never ever occurred. “

Friday’s statement could be the first detail by detail response from Biden to Reade’s allegation and comes as force constructed on the presumptive Democratic nominee to actually deal with the situation.

“as the information on these allegations of sexual harassment and sexual attack are complicated, a few things are not complicated. One is that ladies deserve to be addressed with respect and dignity, as soon as they advance they must be heard, maybe perhaps not silenced. The second reason is that their tales must be at the mercy of appropriate inquiry and scrutiny, ” the former vice president and presumptive Democratic 2020 nominee stated within the declaration.

He proceeded, “Responsible news companies should examine and measure the complete and growing record of inconsistencies inside her tale, that has changed over and over both in little and big methods. “

“But this bears that are much, ” he stated. “she’s got stated she raised a few of these problems with her manager and senior staffers from my workplace during the time. Continue reading