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Exactly about ladies’ health: Painful intercourse after menopause

Exactly about ladies’ health: Painful intercourse after menopause

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: i will be in my own belated 50s while having recently unearthed that intercourse is starting to become quite uncomfortable. I will be assuming it is because I’m past menopause, but what’s the way that is best to help make intercourse less painful?

RESPONSE: Dyspareunia, the word for painful genital intercourse, is very typical. Quotes differ, but studies of postmenopausal ladies instead of hormone treatment report dyspareunia in up to 20 to 30 %. It’s often split into three groups: trivial discomfort, deep discomfort or both. The majority of women complain of shallow discomfort, which does occur upon genital penetration. Often, the pain features a sharp or quality that is burning. Deep discomfort happens with deep thrusting or penetration. For many females, dyspareunia is short-term. For other people, it could become chronic.

After menopause, painful sexual intercourse frequently is connected with modifications as a result of reduced estrogen amounts.

The genital tissues have a tendency to become less elastic, more delicate, and much more prone to bleeding, tearing or pain during sexual intercourse or during a pelvic exam. Continue reading