For the publishing industry, ‘being digital’ is no longer an add‐on to the physical publishing business. It is increasingly the full-fledged core business in itself. Over the next ten years, the entire environment in which content is used and transacted will undergo a complete overhaul. Publishers need to reengineer their businesses and for this they will require new systems to take the new digital enterprise from product to consumer, possibly without going through any book distributor.

Aided by the proliferation of devices such as tablets, smartphones and dedicated e-readers, digital publishing is moving seamlessly from breakthrough technology to mainstream reality within a very short period of time.

Another factor driving the publishing industry’s move to digitization is ‘bytability’, a measure of the extent to which a particular process can be broken down into bits or bytes of digital information. The publishing industry is or can be 100% by table. Let’s contrast this with the automotive industry or the oil industry. Here, while some processes can and have indeed gone digital (e.g. invoicing), the bulk remains in the physical world. The end product is also consumed in a physical format.

In contrast, in the digital publishing business, the author, publisher, seller and the consumer are not required to interact in the physical world at all. The availability of computers, internet and e-reading platforms ensure that the entire publishing process, right from book writing and production to distribution and consumption can be digitized.

In 2011, Amazon, the bell weather for the digital distribution business, announced that ebook sales had overtaken those of printed books. In 2011, ebook net sales revenue climbed more than 300 percent over 2010. In contrast, print sales grew a mere 2 percent over the same period. Reports everywhere reveal a decline in physical book sales and an associated increase in digital book consumption.

AUTHORS can provide any of the elements either individually or as a complete single service. However, for authors who would like an end-to-end service, managed by our team, we have put together two different publishing packages.

    The ebook:

  • Copyedit service
  • Cover design
  • Ebook conversion
  • Ebook upload
  • Fully managed from Word document to published book by our editorial team
    The Paper book:

  • Full professional Copyedit Service
  • Internal design book layout
  • Cover design
  • Ebook conversion
  • Ebook upload
  • Fully managed from Word document to published book by our editorial team
  • Perfect binding, head & tail bands and dustjacket


We can help publishers get in touch with the technology providers who have software for book editing, checking for original content, print on demand, marketing and promotional software, email marketing , social media marketing etc.

Our intervention would be minimal but highly effective and incisive to the point. contribution would be on no profit no loss basis.


There is a cute shortage of specialist service providers. These services come at a price. However we can offer services on below mentioned critical areas.

  • Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Graphic designer
  • Cover designer
  • Layout specialist
  • Ebook convertors
  • Photographers
  • Competitor analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Copyright services


If you are in need of limited number of copies of the book, will help you get in touch with providers who offer this service. This kind of situation may arise if you have to distribute free copies at seminars, conferences, lectures, exhibitions, or even as a token of gift.

E-BOOK VENDORS can help you in promoting, marketing and selling your product globally through eBook vendors such as Apple, Google play, Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, B&N Nook , etc. We can also help you in listing your product on book aggregators such as and

GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS & INSTITUTES can help you in promoting, marketing and selling your product in prestigious government organization and renowned institutions.